IT News Roundup, June 13: IT News Roundup, June 13 (MP3 Download/Podcast)


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IT News, April 16: Microsoft Retools Certification Program for Cloud: Redmond Radio, April 16 (MP3)

Microsoft Retools Certification Program for Cloud Skills; Microsoft Tablet Market Share To Claim 4 Percent in 2012; more

File Type: .mp3 File Size: 14.8 MB Duration: 16:14

IT News, April 9: SQL Server 2012, System Center 2012 Released: Redmond Radio, April 9 (MP3)

SQL Server 2012, System Center 2012 Released; April Patch Tuesday Preview; PC Sales Improving in 2013 Due to Windows 8; PC Sales To Dip in 2016; more.

File Type: .mp3 File Size: 17.7 MB Duration: 19:21

IT News, March 16: March Security Update's One 'Critical' Item: Redmond Radio, March 16 (MP3)

March Security Update's One 'Critical' Item; Microsoft Releases System Center 2012 CTPs; PC Sales To Improve in 2013 Thanks to Windows 8

File Type: .mp3 File Size: 16.1 MB Duration: 17:32

IT News, March 5: Windows 8, Windows Server 8 Now in Beta: Redmond Radio, March 5 (MP3)

Microsoft Releases Betas for Windows 8, Windows Server 8, Fix It Center Pro, Skype; Outage Takes Down Windows Azure; Windows 7 Gains on XP; more.

File Type: .mp3 File Size: 18.1 MB Duration: 19:52

IT News, Feb. 27: Mobile Privacy Pact from Big Three: Redmond Radio, Feb. 27 (MP3)

MS, Apple, Google Sign Mobile Privacy Pact; Window 7, Vista Support Policies Unchanged; Microsoft Claims Google Bypassing IE Privacy Settings; Visual Studio 11 Beta Feb. 29; more.

File Type: .mp3 File Size: 14.9 MB Duration: 16:22

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