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The Win32_Product class is useful in many ways, including uninstalling Windows Installer-managed apps.

One cool WMI class in Windows XP is Win32_Product. Try it: Select Start, Run and type Wbemtest, and click OK. Click Connect, enter root\cimv2 for the namespace, and click OK. Then click Query and type Select * From Win32_Product. Give it a sec and you’ll see a list of every Windows Installer-managed application on your machine. Very nifty, and you can write a script that’ll even uninstall applications. Here's a script that will uninstall the application named "Toshiba Registration":

Set oWMI = GetObject("winmgmts:\\.\root\cimv2")
Set cApps = oWMI.ExecQuery("Select * From " & _
   "WHERE Name = 'Toshiba Registration'")
For Each oApp in cApps

Naturally, you can tweak this script to uninstall whatever you want, to display a list of all installed applications (eliminate the WHERE clause and replace oApp.Uninstall with WScript.Echo oApp.Name), and so forth.

A problem is that running this script on a Windows 2003 box results in an "unknown class" error, because by default the Win32_Product class -- indeed, the entire Windows Installer WMI provider -- doesn’t exist on Windows 2003. It’s only a short-term problem, though, because you can install it: Open Add or Remove Programs and get into the Add/Remove Windows Components wizard. Under Management and Monitoring Tools, you’ll find the WMI Windows Installer Provider. Once installed, you can perform nifty tricks with Win32_Product on Windows 2003 boxes, too.

We've provided a sample script that you can test this with; to get it, click here.

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