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If nothing else, Win2003 SP1's new Security Configuration Wizard is a great diagnostic tool.

While the new Security Configuration Wizard (SCW) in Win2003 SP1 has received mixed reviews (personally, I like it), it’s valuable as a diagnostic tool, even if you never use it to reconfigure your servers.

For example, while running through the SCW, you’ll be treated to a list of every service running on your computer, along with decent descriptions of what each does. You’ll get a list of open pots, along with information about the process or application that’s keeping them open.

You can also use the SCW to see what various "roles" require -- again, even if you don’t plan to make any changes using the SCW. It makes it easier to see what’s required for a file server to be a file server, or what ports a DNS server needs to have open. Running the SCW is completely safe, because it doesn’t make any changes until the very end, when you’re specifically asked if you want to actually apply any changes you’ve made. If not, SCW is content to save your changes into a template (an XML file), which you can load later and examine or apply.

If you haven’t taken a run-through the SCW yet, do so soon. Even if you never plan to use it to make configuration changes (believe me, I know the fear involved there -- one wrong move and your environment is toast), it’s great to see what it would do.

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