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What? Windows Explorer as a GUI for admin tasks. Uh, kinda.

As much as I prefer working in the command line, there are times when it is easier to do something in Windows Explorer. Sometimes, I simply want a few Explorer windows open so I can move some files around. If I’m in a command prompt I still want to get to the graphical interface as fast as possible. To accomplish this, all I need to do is type an expression like this:

C:\ explorer /e /root,C:\Scripts

This will open an instance of Windows Explorer rooted to C:\Scripts. Personally, I prefer this view. But you can also use:

C:\ explorer /n /root,C:\Scripts

Which will open up a “My Computer” type view rooted at C:\Scripts.

If you are in a command prompt and are already in the directory you want to open, which is often my situation, simply type:

C:\ explorer /e /root,%cd%

How easy is that? This is especially handy if you are in some deeply nested subfolder with long directory names. In a snap I can open a Windows Explorer window and be where I need to be.

This technique can also be taken one step further:

C:\ explorer /e,/select,%windir%\notepad.exe

If you tried this, you should have an open Explorer window and Notepad.exe should be highlighted. I’ll make this even easier for you. Copy this batch file to a directory in your path:

@echo off
if %1$==$ (
set spath=%CD%
) else (
set spath=%1
echo opening %spath%
explorer /e,/root,%spath%
set spath=

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The next time you want to open an Explorer window from a command prompt simply type:

C:\ exp %windir%

to open your Windows directory. If you run EXP without specifying any parameters, then an Explorer window will open, rooted to the current directory. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

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