Sun Web Server Hit with Multiple Security Vulnerabilities

A security research firm has found multiple flaws in Web server software from Sun Microsystems that would collectively allow attackers to log on, gain root access, peruse and delete files, and execute malicious commands.

All the vulnerabilities, investigated by iDefense, appear in versions 4.2 and earlier of Sun Java System Active Server Pages, software that allows creation of Active Server Pages across different operating systems and production environments.

Sun has issued an update to the software along with workarounds for administrators who want to keep their original configurations.

The six vulnerabilities are:

The individual who found the vulnerabilities wishes to remain anonymous, according to iDefense. The security company reported the vulnerabilities to Sun on April 4, and the two companies coordinated the public disclosure of the hole yesterday.

The vulnerabilities have been submitted for inclusion to the CVE list of standardized names of security problems.

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