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Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services (Exam 70-643)

Configuring Terminal Services RemoteApp

Using which three methods can you publish a RemoteApp program to a network user? (choose all correct answers)

  1. TS Web Access
  2. TS Terminal Access
  3. RDP files
  4. Windows Installer package

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A, C, D. TS Web Access, RDP files, and Windows Installer package files are three methods used to publish a RemoteApp program to a network user.

Publishing a RemoteApp program to a user using TS Web Access makes that program available on a web site via a URL such as http://servername or https://servername/ts. This allows a user to click anyone of the available icons and launch the program on the user’s computer.

After distributing RemoteApp programs as RDP files or Windows Installer packages through a file share or by using Active Directory software distribution, the user launches the program by double-clicking that RDP file by accessing it from the Start menu or by opening a file whose extension is associated with the RemoteApp program.

Tip: The RemoteApp feature of Windows Server 2008 allows users to run program as if they were installed locally and not through a terminal session. However, all resources to run the program are provided across the network by a terminal server.

Tech Reference: "Terminal Services RemoteApp (TS RemoteApp) (TechNet)"

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