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Pop Quiz: System Center 2012: Private Cloud Networking Fabric

Applies to the "Configure the Fabric" objective of Exam 70-247.

Q: A company's data center engineering team has been asked by the network administrator for help in understanding the network architecture layers most often present when building a private cloud.

Which of the following are the three tiers of a networking fabric that define a private cloud? (Choose three.)

  1. Access
  2. Core
  3. User
  4. Aggregation

Answer is A, B, and D. The core tier is the high-speed backbone for the network architecture. The aggregation (or distribution) tier consolidates connectivity from multiple access tier switch uplinks. The access tier provides device connectivity to the data center network.

Quick Tip: In smaller environments, typically a simpler network architecture is used. One option is to combine the core and aggregation tiers (sometimes called a collapsed core). In this design, the core switches provide core and aggregation functionality. The smaller number of tiers and switches provide lower cost at the expense of future flexibility.

Reference: Server and Cloud Platform: System Center 2012 Product Details

Bonus Question: Which key security component must be present when connecting a Private Cloud to Windows Azure? (The answer, of course, will be revealed next time!)

Answer to bonus question from last week: System Center 2012 Virtual Machine Manager supports protocols HTTP, HTTPS, and a Custom option when creating VIP (virtual IP) templates.

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