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No More Second Chances?

If cats have nine lives, Microsoft's Exam Retake offer has a feline nature as it's been revived countless times in the past. But that may change. Right now, the Microsoft Learning folks continue to remind us that those chances are running out soon. Microsoft's Exam Retake offer, need we remind you, concludes at the end of June. What this means to you right now is this:

  1. You must be registered into the program before May 31 if you're planning on taking an exam and then taking Microsoft up on their offer to retake (if you fail the first time, of course).
  2. If you have an exam retake voucher that you've yet to use, schedule that exam quick! All is lost after June 30.
  3. Your local testing center may be booked up, due to overwhelming demand. It happens and remember that it's your fault for waiting, not the testing center's problem. (I got your back, Prometric.)

Here's the kicker, though: Just because Microsoft has run this campaign in the past doesn't necessarily mean they'll do it again. Microsoft is feeling the economic pinch, so they're scrutinizing all internal decisions. Who knows if Exam Retake might finally get put to sleep forever? Really, it's anyone's guess.

If you need a subtle reminder to schedule your exam, watch this video. But let me warn you -- you may need some eye bleach. (I won't mention names, but thanks to the mysterious kr for the link.)

Posted by Michael Domingo on 05/19/2009 at 11:59 AM

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