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Is This Too Much Photoshopping?

The controversy over too much Photoshopping reared its head yet again when Complex Magazine gave celebrity Kim Kardashian a transformation that took her no effort to attain by any means natural.

What might be just as absurd is switching heads in a picture not appearing on a fashion or beauty magazine, but on a tech site. Here's LA Observed's blog post on the switcheroo. The stuff that floats around on the Internet, like this, is something I usually check with some due diligence and I can't find evidence that this Pshop was done to trick the press into spreading it. (But if it is a joke, you can go ahead and laugh at me now.)

If I have anything to say, it's that I'm speechless, really. Okay, maybe one thought: If Microsoft is innovative, this is a strange way to prove it. Okay, one more: Talk about local color! Somebody stop me...

Posted by Michael Domingo on 08/26/2009 at 11:59 AM

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