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Feedback: Microsoft Licensing, Fed Jobs

My licensing post got a few good comments, none in defense of Microsoft's upgraded plan. KBR believes Microsoft is looking out for #1:

Microsoft's "byzantine" licensing serves Microsoft very well by enhancing revenue. It was not made to serve the customer.

I can't say that KBR is absolutely right, but Microsoft's efforts to reduce the licensing plans still leaves enough confusion that a small third-party market exists to help to lessen the licensing confusion. On the other hand, Microsoft could remove all doubt and sell every copy at retail.

An anonymous poster mocks MS by making it look like the corporate equivalent of Ebenezer Scrooge (appropriately enough; Christmas is only 98 days away):

Microsoft's so called simplification has only one objective.... remove access to discounted software for charities unless they meet very specific and narrow criteria. Excellent move when it's these organisatiions who are providing support for our community during these difficult economic times.

In my post on fed jobs, another anonymous poster offers encouragement to fellow IT workers who may have recently come under the ax:

My position with local government was terminated Dec, 2007; No one gave my resume a 2nd look even though I'm a 10+ year MCP veteran with 20+ years solid IT experience in a variety of major IT disciplines; Was offered an opportunity with Feds only recently (Aug, 2009); Had a few bad days, but grew increasingly aggressive in job search (didn't give up!); So if you're an experienced IT Pro and have been out of work for awhile...DON'T GIVE UP!!! May have to leave comfort zone (so to speak), but the economy is slowly but surely picking up which translates into positive results for those that want to remain in IT.

Joe IT (for lack of a better name and apologies if it was written by Joanna IT) is in the right frame of mind. It's hard out there and perhaps the desperation is difficult to remove from your facial expressions, but a positive outlook will probably win you, at the very least, the sympathies of those interviewing you. Hiring managers don't want to hire a sad sack.

Posted by Michael Domingo on 09/17/2009 at 11:59 AM

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