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Is Windows 7 A No-Brainer?

We at MCPmag.com tick off the days on the calendar to Oct. 22, the launch date of Windows 7, as if that date matters. Really, it was RTM'ed back in July (so what if it's not in a shrink-wrapped box at Best Buy?) and Microsoft Learning already has training and a number of new exams developed for it and has been in delivery mode on them for some time.

So, why does the Windows 7 launch date matter? I can't say for sure, but it has more to do with marking an ocassion, like a birthday or anniversary. (Apollo 7, back in 1968, splashed down in the Pacific on that day; doubt if there's any connection there.) It certainly gives MS an excuse to trot out the Rolling Stones to launch Win7 to the tune of "Flip the Switch" or, perhaps more appropriate, " Oh No, Not You Again."

In any case, we're wondering if MCPmag.com readers will be flipping the switch come Oct. 22. I'm all ears to know if this version is worth upgrading to, whether you're moving up for personal reasons or because it's going to invigorate your enterprise. Also, what features are you looking forward to? The improvements in BitLocker? The BranchCache stuff? Are you upgrading because it's like Vista without the baggage? Yes, we want to know all.

(Not upgrading? We want to know that too and what some of those reasons are.)

Among all the submissions, I'll compile the best stuff for a future newsletter (oh, say, one that will be published around Oct. 22) and offer up a few of our Redmond Media Group T-shirts to a few lucky submitters.

Personally, I'm excited to see Windows 7. I'm already a Vista user, having upgraded a six-year-old Sony desktop last January (my free copy from the MS launch was on the shelf collecting dust) without too many problems -- a driver here or there, and then there's the fact that I lost access to Windows Media Center, which was almost a deal-breaker, but I worked with it long enough to not turn back. So, for me, it's a no-brainer and I can't wait to upgrade everything -- PC and all -- over the holidays.

Posted by Michael Domingo on 09/24/2009 at 11:59 AM

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