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Bad Medicine

When Microsoft's Patch Tuesday rolls around, it's a scramble to make sense of the fixes and then go through the laborious process of lining up and installing the needed ones. So, last week's looooooonnnngggg list of fixes meant much more than usual to think about.

Among the patches was one for a spoofing flaw in the CryptoAPI, but as a few IT folks just discovered, this pill had some far-out side effects: Installing this fix on servers running Office Communication Server and Live Communication Server expires the licenses for those products, rendering them moot (and mute, so to speak).

With so many patches this month, you'd think that Microsoft would take extra care with the QA process for each fix. Might Microsoft be distracted, understaffed, or both? Or are we blowing this event out of proportion? Send us high five or a slap across the face to snap us out of it by commenting here or e-mailing us.

Posted by Michael Domingo on 10/22/2009 at 11:59 AM

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