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Internet Explorer Slips The Slope

Microsoft released another platform preview of IE 9. Temper that good news with a bit of the bad, as there are signs of overall IE usage slipping more dramatically than usual. Some pundits have gone as far to call it the beginning of the end for the biggest Web browser this side of the universe. NetApplications shows IE's shares bobbing with the tide, as Google Chrome (preferred by this editor, who also does goes back and forth to IE) and Apple Safari rise upward. For some balance, check out this blog post using Net Application's same stats to show IE 8 doing well against all comers, with Chrome gaining to the detriment of Firefox.

I'll dismiss Safari's gains as being tied to iPhone, iPad and Mac sales (let's be honest -- who uses Safari on a PC or Linux machine, or any number of smartphones, as a preference?). The more interesting battle is the one between Chrome and IE, and so I ask: WHEN do you believe Chrome will reach parity with IE? In a year? Ever? Your predictions here.

Posted by Michael Domingo on 05/06/2010 at 11:59 AM

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