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There is No Privacy on the Internet

One of the items in Jay's column this week is the Facebook privacy flap. I know quite a few people who use Facebook to tell the world where they'll be spending their vacation (thus, an invitation to criminals everywhere, not just hackers), while others remain tightlipped about everything. Even so, consider this quote:

"I don't want to cause people to be paranoid, but there are no boundaries right now that can help to inform companies about where they should stop. And there's nothing to help consumers understand where the boundary is either."

That's a tidbit from Ray Ozzie, chief software architect at Microsoft, talking to the L.A. Times, who was asked questions on several issues, including privacy on the Internet. It's a good reminder that anything you do on the Web is no longer private, and that that data is really out of your control once you type it in somewhere that you may have thought was a secure site.

Posted by Michael Domingo on 06/03/2010 at 11:59 AM

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