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Microsoft Kicks Off CES

The Consumer Electronics Show got into high gear (ahem) yesterday, with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer delivering a fairly low-key keynote showing off some new goodies: the next-gen Surface, dual touch-screen PC-or-notebook-I-dunno-which, the next Kinect, and a version of Windows to support system-on-a-chip or SoC architectures.

It all sounds interesting, but nothing had the sparkle of an iPad or shininess of Android -- that is, I didn't come away from the news thinking, "I gotta have that." And at this show, isn't that what why we're there in the first place? [Editorial disclosure: Actually, I'm not at the show; by "we," I mean the collective we.]

Posted by Michael Domingo on 01/06/2011 at 11:59 AM

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