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Jobs (Steve), Jobs (Hiring) and Other Stuff Related to Jobs

We know you're busy. You're an IT admin, after all. So, here's some stuff you might be interested in checking out online when you actually have a free moment (or as an alternative to updating your Facebook status):

Microsoft Celebrates Feynman 50-year Anniversary (Microsoft Research, via Slashdot)

Something we already knew about Steve Jobs, but wanted to hear straight from Paul Allen's lips (Business Insider)

You can leave Microsoft, but only if you don't jump to Google or Salesforce. Matthew Mizsewski found this out the hard way. (The Seattle Times)

Speaking of working for Microsoft, few people want to do that because the money isn't there. Microsoft is thinking of changing that. (Reuters, and a tip of the hat to Lee Pender at RCPmag.com for this one)

One more job thingie: jobs may be scarce all over, but not at Google and Microsoft. (CRN Australia)

Last week was Microsoft's Patch Tuesday. It came with a twist: third-party flaw reporting. (CNET).

Posted by Michael Domingo on 04/21/2011 at 11:59 AM

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