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Keep Up with Windows 8 Build, aka B8

Let's hope someone as busy as the head of the Windows 8 team, Steven Sinofky, will remain diligent and continue to blog about his team's efforts to create, test and launch the next great Microsoft OS. For even someone like me, who's admittedly a Windows layperson, I find the detail and the amount of information to be incredibly interesting, and just right, not too dizzying.

Already, there's info on USB 3.0 support and new ways to manage files, mundane topics on the surface, but dig deeper and there's some real thought and collaboration that needs to take place before those can be fully realized in the OS and be simple enough for end users to figure out without the manual. In just three blog posts, Sinofsky already sounds like Bill Gates version 2.0.

Posted by Michael Domingo on 08/25/2011 at 11:59 AM

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