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Of Zero-Days and Trojan Horses

Has anyone read Mark Russinovich's "Zero Day"? Yes, Russinovich, the coder behind many of the SysInternals tools that Microsoft deemed worthy of acquisition, and who is now a Microsoft Technical Fellow. No big secret, but Mark has also written a novel, Zero Day, which is about a topic that's near and dear to many IT geeks' hearts. I've been avoiding reading it to keep my screenplay -- about a major CEO secretly introducing malware into the wild to prop up his company's profits indirectly -- from being tainted with ideas in his novel. (You can stop laughing now at how unoriginal my idea is.)

In any event, check out Redmond's Online News Editor Kurt Mackie interview with Mark here, where he hints at a sequel that's in the works.

Speaking of zero days, trojan horses and flaw in general, Microsoft released 13 bulletins on Patch Tuesday. It seems like a heavy release, but only three are deemed critical.

Posted by Michael Domingo on 12/15/2011 at 11:59 AM

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