IIS 6.0: Mature At Last


Windows Server 2003, expected to be released in April, comes with a new version of Internet Information Server 6.0 that Russ Kaufmann calls a "complete forklift upgrade" in this interview on his experience working with release candidate 2 of the software.

In this episode, MCPmag.com Senior Editor Keith Ward talks to Russ Kaufmann about his experiences working with IIS 6.0's new features, supplementing his Feb. 2003 feature, "IIS 6.0 Mature at Last." (To read his article, click here.) Russ Kaufmann, MCSE+I, MCT, Ph.D., is co-founder and vice president of Infrastructure at eKnowlogist Inc., a Denver, Colorado-based consulting firm specializing in Microsoft technologies and security consulting.

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