Increasing Efficiency in the IT Environment

The efficient use of I/O resources directly affects performance and operating costs throughout a system, network, Virtual and Cloud environment. Despite advances in hardware speed and storage technology, file and free space fragmentation has become more of an issue, not less of one. Fragmentation creates profound performance waste at the O/S level and is the primary cause of I/O bottlenecks, system timeouts, freezes, slows and crashes. This is true at all system levels: laptops, desktops, servers and SAN-attached virtual servers. This is not simply theoretical; it is tested and proven both in the lab under controlled conditions and in real-world enterprise corporate use.

The Condusiv Technologies Corporation flagship product Diskeeper® 2012 data performance technology and V-locity® virtual platform disk optimizer improve performance so significantly that no study of site efficiency is complete without considering their impact.

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