Heroix Partners With Tivoli For Multiplatform Management

Heroix Corp. (Newton, Mass., announced a joint partnership with Tivoli Systems, Inc. (Austin, Texas, in launching an integrated solution for the Digital OpenVMS platform. The new solution combines Heroix's RoboMon and RoboCentral with Tivoli's Workload Scheduler to provide production automation services for managing OpenVMS systems, including alert management and automation, job scheduling, performance management and console consolidation.

Addressing the full range of Compaq's platforms, including Windows NT on Intel and Alpha, Digital Unix and Tandem, the Tivoli OpenVMS solution provides an upgrade and migration path for Digital's PolyCenter customers. This combination of products encompasses system monitoring to ensure maximum availability, automated actions for system recovery, consolidated view of alerts from multiple environments including OpenVMS, workload scheduling to ensure consistent operation of the processes that affect service delivery, performance management to ensure optimal system performance, and console consolidation to reduce the number of physical consoles to be managed.

"Tivoli users now have a tool [for] systems monitoring, problem detection and correction, and to enhance the performance of servers, databases and applications across the enterprise," said Howard Reisman, CEO of Heroix.

The end result of the new agreement goes beyond a new tool. "By teaming up with Heroix and Datametrics, we have been able to extend our solution to address a longstanding market. There are in excess of 400,000 OpenVMS installations worldwide, and we expect the majority to continue running mission-critical applications well into the next millennium. Should they choose the Tivoli VMS solution today, then later decide to migrate to Windows NT, they will still be able to preserve their investment in Tivoli management software," commented Alan Bird, Director of the Tivoli Partner Association. – Thomas Sullivan, Staff Reporter/Reviews Editor

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