SMC Launches New Suite of Network Products

SMC Networks, a supplier of LAN products for small and medium-sized networks, today announced the release of several new network products. The TigerSwitch 10/100, the EZ Switch 10/100, the EZ Hub 10/100, and the EZ Connect USB 10/100 adapter were all introduced today.

The TigerSwitch 10/100, a new twelve and 24 port stackable managed switch, comes equipped with two expansion slots for Gigabit Ethernet or 100base-FX fiber uplinks. The switch is equipped with features such as QOS, VLAN support, MultiLink Trunking and Broadcast Control. Spanning tree support, Redundant management, and optional Redundant power provide network resiliency. SNMP, RMON, and a Web-based interface provide the means to monitor network status and performance levels. The TigerSwitch 10/100 is currently available.

The EZ Switch 10/100 contains three new auto-negotiating switches capable of improving the performance of a network by offering data transmission speeds of up to 200 Mbps per port. The EZ Switch 10/100 is available in eight, 16, or 24 port models, in addition to a selectable uplink port that makes it possible to connect additional switches. Each model provides plug-and-play capability. Maximum reliability is ensured by employing the Store-and-Forward signal transmission method with Back Pressure and Flow control. The EZ Switch 10/100 is currently available.

The EZ Hub 10/100, available in two models, offers a solution to migrate a small business from Ethernet to Fast Ethernet. The hubs automatically detect the line speed of any attached device and segment traffic accordingly. LEDs provide link and activity status for network monitoring and troubleshooting. The EZ Hub 10/100 will be available through SMC's retail partners and through distribution, catalog, and e-commerce site partners.

The EZ Connect USB 10/100 adapter provides users with access to Ethernet and Fast Ethernet networks via a PC's USB port. The adapter can be integrated into the faster mixed bandwidth networks. It draws power from the USB, without an outside power connection. The adapter includes a USB Type-B connector for connecting to a USB host or hub, and one RJ-45 port that supports 10baseT/100baseTX LAN connections. The EZ Connect USB 10/100 is currently available.

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