News Offers Advanced Network Intrusion Detection Inc., a provider or enterprise security solutions, announced general availability of SecureNet Pro software, a new network intrusion detection system (NIDS).

SecureNet Pro enables high-speed monitoring, rapid signature definition, and fully integrated real-time session viewing. In addition, it offers a C-based scripting language for advanced customization.

SecureNet Pro listens continuously on monitored network segments to automatically detect and respond to suspicious activity. In many cases, such response occurs before the attack reaches the host computers.

SecureNet Pro features high performance for e-business, fully monitoring high-speed 100 Mbps segments with assured packet integrity. Advanced capabilities such as multiple argument searching and string extraction occur rapidly. SecureNet Pro responds to more than 300 common Internet, operating system, and application attacks. Additionally, its modular signature scripting language enables’s security experts to test and add new signatures promptly. Advanced session replay allows the software to play back TCP connections as they occurred, including actual keystroke delays. Additionally, the software has technology to reduce false-positive readings.

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