Microsoft Adds Management Services to .NET

New .NET services announced at Intel Exchange: Microsoft Operations Manager, .NET Management Services, and Microsoft Management Alliance.

ENT Magazine's Isaac Slepner reports that Microsoft announced a new management solution called Microsoft Operations Manager, a series of standards-based management interfaces called .NET Management Services, and a partner program called the Microsoft Management Alliance. The announcement was made by Microsoft chairman and chief software architect Bill Gates at the Intel Exchange conference in San Francisco.

The new operations management product, slated for 2001, focuses on the event and performance management of Windows 2000 Server and the .NET Enterprise Servers. The .NET Management Services will integrate management solutions via standards such as the Common Information Model (CIM) and XML. The Microsoft Management Alliance is a partner program that provides development and marketing resources to developers building applications on top of the .NET Management Services.

For more details, read Isaac Slepner's report at

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