Microsoft Offers 3-Year Security Reprieve for Older Server Products

Microsoft is replacing its "Premium Assurance" support offering for SQL Server and Windows Server with a new Extended Security Updates program.

Microsoft Pulling the Plug on Windows 10 'Delta Updates'

Microsoft will stop releasing Windows 10 "delta updates" after Feb. 12, 2019, the company announced last week, pushing organizations to use "express updates" each month instead.

Microsoft Moves Windows 10 April 2018 Update to 'Semiannual Channel' Stage

Windows 10 version 1803 (also known as the April 2018 Update and previously code-named "Redstone 4") is now in the semiannual channel (SAC) release stage, Microsoft said this week, though what that designation means for organizations is a little unclear.

Microsoft Gives End Date for Basic Authentication in Web Exchange

Microsoft announced its end-of-support plans for some Exchange Web Services components earlier this month.

Microsoft Adds Call Analytics, Management Perks to Teams and Skype Portal

Microsoft is readying an update that will bring call analytics and IT management capabilities to the Teams and Skype for Business management portal.

Checking for a Locked File Using PowerShell

We've all been there: We start to work on a file that we think is available, only to find out that it's already opened and in use, meaning we have to wait until whatever process currently using the file has released its lock on it.

Microsoft Tests 'Known Folder Move' Feature in OneDrive

Microsoft recently launched a preview of a new feature that lets end users move their files to the OneDrive for Business cloud storage service with a single click.

Microsoft Security Advisory Targets 'Lazy Floating Point' Processor Flaw

A Microsoft security advisory addresses the recently disclosed "lazy floating point state restore" security problem (CVE-2018-3665) that's leaving Intel Core and Windows processors vulnerable.

Microsoft Stumps for Multifactor Security for Azure AD

Microsoft is aiming to make multifactor authentication (MFA) the default verification option for its Azure Active Directory (AD) identity management service.

Microsoft Details Latest Feature Changes in Exchange Server

Microsoft's e-mail server is getting several feature updates and improvements, particularly on the on-premises side.

Microsoft Launches Azure Traffic Analytics

A new Microsoft cloud service called "Traffic Analytics" is now generally available, allowing IT pros to monitor network activity across their Azure environments.

Azure AD Gets Two New Password Protection Tools in Preview

Organizations using Microsoft's Azure Active Directory or Windows Server Active Directory service can now test drive two new two password security capabilities.

Microsoft Releases Windows Server 2019 System Insights to Preview

Windows Server 2019 "System Insights," which promises to put predictive analytical tools into the hands of IT pros, is now available to preview, Microsoft announced this week.

Microsoft Enables Policy Transfers from Exchange Server to Exchange Online

Organizations running hybrid Microsoft Exchange scenarios will soon be able to migrate Exchange Server policies to Exchange Online using Microsoft's Office 365 Hybrid Configuration Wizard tool.

Intel, Feds Warn of 'Lazy Floating Point' Processor Flaw

A new speculative execution processor vulnerability dubbed "lazy floating point (FP) state save/restore" was disclosed earlier this month.

Microsoft Green Lights Windows 10 April 2018 Update

Upon review of its telemetry findings, Microsoft now deems the April 2018 release of Windows 10, also known as version 1803, to be "fully available."

Windows Server 2008 SP2 To Adopt Windows 10's Monthly Update Model

Microsoft is planning to switch the Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2 (SP2) update schedule to the same monthly rollup patch model of its more recent Windows and Windows Server products.

Microsoft To Abandon Forum Questions About Older Products

Starting next month, Microsoft will no longer participate in Microsoft Community forum discussions about older Office and Windows products.

How To Format PowerShell Output with Format-Table

You may not think too often about how text is displayed in your PowerShell console, but under the covers, there's quite a bit going on.

Microsoft Makes Case Against Windows 10's 'Long-Term Servicing' Branch

Windows 10's long-term servicing channel update option could be more problematic for organizations compared to its semiannual channel model, Microsoft reiterated this week.

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