Microsoft's November Patch Count Passes 100-Mark Again

Last month's relatively lightweight patch rollout from Microsoft appears to be an anomaly. Microsoft on Tuesday addressed 112 common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs) with its November security update bundle.

Microsoft Pares Down Its Mammoth Security Update Guide

Microsoft has revamped its monthly "Security Update Guide," which often comes in at or above 100 pages, to be a more palatable length for IT pros.

IT Pros Can Now View Which Windows 10 Feature Updates Get Blocked

Microsoft recently a described a mechanism that lets IT pros view Windows 10 "safeguard holds," which is Microsoft's term for OS feature updates that have been blocked from downloading.

Report: Microsoft the Most-Imitated Brand by Phishers

Security researchers at Check Point this week found that most phishing attacks are trying to fool end users by spoofing the Microsoft brand.

Out-of-Band Microsoft Patches Released for Remote Code Execution

Microsoft last week issued two "out-of-band" security updates outside of its traditional Patch Tuesday bundle, which arrived on Oct. 13 this month.

Microsoft's Patch Rollout Comes in Under 100 for First Time in Months

Microsoft addressed just 87 common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs) in its October security patch bundle, the first time in months that it has patched under 100 vulnerabilities.

Feds Warn of VPN Attacks That May Be Targeting Election Security

CISA and the FBI recently announced a joint cybersecurity advisory on attacks against government networks, as well as other organizational networks.

Microsoft Security Report Warns of VPN Attacks, Ransomware and Phishing

Microsoft has released its 2020 "Digital Defense Report," painting a detailed picture of the current cybersecurity threat landscape.

CISA: Windows Server Netlogon Now Vulnerable to Attack

A "Critical"-rated Netlogon vulnerability in newer Windows Server versions can now be exploited via publicly accessible code, warned the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) this week.

Microsoft Addresses 129 Vulnerabilities in September Patch Release

Microsoft's latest security patch rollout addresses 129 common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs), continuing the company's 2020 trend of hefty patch deliveries.

Windows Terminal, Azure CLI Tools Updated

Microsoft on Wednesday announced a new Windows Terminal 1.2 (stable version) and a preview of Windows Terminal 1.3 for Windows 10 systems.

Orgs Running Windows 10 Version 1803 Get Service Reprieve

Certain editions of Windows 10 version 1803 that are typically used by organizations and schools are getting another six months added to their service lifecycles.

Microsoft's Windows Update Missives Get More 'Relevant'

Microsoft is talking up the ways it has improved the Knowledge Base (KB) articles used by IT pros in patching Windows systems, making them more "relevant and actionable."

Microsoft Advises IT Pros on Windows 10 Update Management

Microsoft gave a few pointers this week to IT pros grappling with how to manage and deploy Windows 10 updates, as well as spotlighted a new "View optional updates" feature in Windows 10.

Microsoft's August Patch Rollout Targets 120 Flaws

The year 2020 continues with hefty security patch bundles arriving from Microsoft. The company's latest security update rollout on Tuesday delivered patches for 120 common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs).

Azure AD Enhancements Include My Sign-Ins and App Lock

Two new Azure Active Directory security features -- My Sign-Ins and App Lock -- were made available to end users this week.

Microsoft, Researchers Warn of 'BootHole' Vulnerability

Security researchers are spotlighting a vulnerability dubbed "BootHole" that affects the Secure Boot protection scheme in machines using the Grand Unified Boot Loader (GRUB).

'Double Key Encryption' for Securing Microsoft 365 Data Hits Preview

To protect Microsoft 365 application data, Microsoft this week launched a preview of its new Double Key Encryption solution, in which one key gets stored in Microsoft Azure datacenters, accessible to Microsoft, while the other key is stored by the customer.

Endpoint Data Loss Prevention Service Nears Preview for Microsoft 365

A preview of Microsoft's new Endpoint Data Loss Prevention (DLP) service will soon become available to "Microsoft 365 E5/A5, Microsoft 365 E5/A5 Compliance, and Microsoft 365 E5/A5 Information Protection and Governance" subscriptions.

Microsoft Patches 123 Vulnerabilities in July Security Update

For the fifth straight month, Microsoft's monthly security patch rollout has exceeded 110 common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs).