Problems Cause Microsoft To Pause Windows 10 Team Update for Surface Hub

Some users of Microsoft's Surface Hub 2S conference devices will have to wait a bit longer to receive the Windows 10 Team 2020 Update via Windows Update, as Microsoft fixes some user-reported issues.

Microsoft has paused the updates for users mainly in the United States and Germany, plus other regions of the world that weren't part of the initial Windows 10 Team 2020 Update operating system rollout.

The Windows 10 Team 2020 Update is the latest OS for Surface Hub 2S machines, which are big-screen devices use to conduct remote meetings. The OS is based on Windows 10 version 20H2, which was released to PCs on Oct. 20. In late October, Microsoft published a gradual rollout schedule for the Surface Hub OS delivery. It was to be a four-phase approach across different regions, starting in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Mexico and New Zealand.

U.S. and German Surface Hub 2S users were supposed to have gotten the update late last month. However, based on "feedback from a small number of customers who have encountered post-install issues," Microsoft has paused delivery through Windows Update.

Organizations could still apply the update using other methods. "Customers in all regions can continue to update their Surface Hub 2S devices using Windows Update for Business or using the Bare Metal Recovery image," the announcement indicated. However, given the problems, it's not clear why they'd want to install the update.

A list of known issues associated with the Windows 10 Team 2020 Update release can be found in this document. There are problems associated with proxy authentication, calendar sync and user sign-ins when a compliance policy is in place. Additionally, updates to the Microsoft Whiteboard App from the Microsoft Store have failed. There also are single-sign-on failures for phones trying to sign into the Surface Hub.

At this point, Microsoft isn't indicating when it will resume the delivery of the Windows 10 Team 2020 Update via the Windows Update service. It's planning to provide further information on Dec. 18, 2020.

Microsoft also promised that it will be bringing the Windows 10 Team 2020 Update to organizations with first-generation Surface Hub devices, both the 55-inch and 84-inch models. The arrival date wasn't specified, though.

In addition, Microsoft extended the service life of the Windows 10 Team Edition version 1703 OS for Surface Hub users. Security patch support for that OS was supposed to end on Dec. 8, 2020, but support has now been extended "through March 16, 2021," Microsoft's announcement indicated.

The extension described above just applies to Surface Hub devices. Windows 10 version 1703 fell out of support for PCs back on Oct. 8, 2019, and nothing's changed there.

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