Prof. Powershell

5 Ways To Make PowerShell a Team Sport

My short list of suggestions for working with PowerShell in a team environment.

Overcoming the PowerShell Hurdle

The way to grasp all the complexity of PowerShell is to use it and take it one step at a time. At some point, a little PowerShell will go a long way in your IT career.

Show Me State: PowerShell 3.0's Show-Command Gets GUI

PowerShell 3.0 sports a cool new feature, the Show-Command cmdlet, which provides a graphical way of looking at all cmdlets and functions at your disposal. Here's a graphic look at it.

You Complete Me: PowerShell's Tab Completion Feature

PowerShell's tab completion feature saves lots of typing. In version 3, this features gets even better.

The PowerShell Way To Dissect Arrays, Hash Tables

This week's tips will have you peeking into data in arrays and hash tables in no time flat.

Getting Started with PowerShell 3.0

Baby-stepping into new PowerShell territory.

This Match Has No Equal: Comparison Operators

Working with the -eq, -match, and -like comparison operators in PowerShell.

There's a Module for That: Extending PowerShell's Commands

Don't just stick with the commands that Microsoft provides -- extend the commands in PowerShell.

How To Restart Computers Remotely via PowerShell

The trick is easy with the aptly named Restart-Computer

Can You Describe the Variable?

Variables already come with descriptions, but you can also provide more clarity to those descriptions as needed.

Modifying PrivateData for the Public Good

Revise error messages for maximum effect through the $host object's PrivateData property.

File Attributes in PowerShell

Fun with file and folder attributes, via PowerShell and the DIR command.

Countdown with Timer Object

Now that we know how to set up a timer object, let's get it to do something awesome. Part 2 in a series on the timer object.

Perfect Timing with New-Object

Create a timer object with PowerShell New-Object cmdlet to schedule recurring tasks at intervals.

ForEach Building Blocks

When we can't leverage the pipeline, we can turn to the ForEach-Object cmdlet to help with some heavy lifting.

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