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Windows Exam Get Virtual

Microsoft's exam technology is finally catching up to the real world, now that the company has introduced its first performance-based exam that takes place in a virtual space. Exam 70-640 TS: Windows Server 2008, Active Directory now has a performance-based twin in Exam 83-640. If you decide you just have to take this exam to see what's different, be sure to note the 83 prefix at registration time.

Microsoft's press release said that the exam allows test takers to perform tasks as in a virtualized lab environment that really is the Windows Server 2008 computing environment. It's not news that they're able to do this (we told you it was coming), just news that Microsoft Learning has finally released a live version of a performance-based exam. Finally.

Posted by Michael Domingo on 05/14/2009 at 11:59 AM

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