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Microsoft Sniffs Google's Goods

Google might want to write its name on its lunch sack before sticking it in the community fridge. Microsoft's president of North American sales and marketing, Robert Youngjohns, told an audience at a San Francisco event that it wants to "steal their lunch on search." Sounds more like a schoolyard bully than an industry titan, but we understand the company is under some pressure to work its way back to the top.

Youngjohns might be justified in his bravado. This blog bit from Seattle Post-Intelligencer that shows that Bing is getting some healthy click-thru rates.

On a side note: I had to book some travel recently and I used Bing and Google. Guess what? I found a better rate via Bing. Score one for Microsoft search this time out.

Posted by Michael Domingo on 12/10/2009 at 11:59 AM

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