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Does a College Degree Matter These Days?

A report at MSNBC gives mixed signals on the topic of the value of a college degree in the world of work: yes, it can be valuable, and moreso over time. The report cites Payscale.com's findings, showing the values of a non-Ivy League vs. an Ivy League education, with the latter just entering the workplace at a salary advantage of better than $12K. The news is better for those with tenure, as those with 10 or more years pulled in almost $30K more than their non-Ivy League counterparts.

We've found in our own Redmond Salary Surveys that higher education can do wonders to one's salary over just attaining a vocational certificate, and that those conferred with higher degrees make even more. Sorry for being vague here, as I'm not about to steal my own thunder and give away those results until the survey is ready for prime time. Just know that the results look an awful lot like 2009's results.

Certification in general, on the other hand, is having negligible impact on earning power, it seems. We'll have more information on the latter when we conduct the MCPmag.com Salary Survey later this year.

Posted by Michael Domingo on 06/17/2010 at 11:59 AM

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