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Happy SysAdmin Day!

It's another Friday in July for most of us. But it shouldn't be. Instead, you might find some time today to thank your resident systems administrators, because without them, you and you alone would be responsible for maintaining the lifeline to your company, your career. For 365 days a year, sysadmins make sure our systems, devices, iPads and whatnot stay connected, whether it's to the WAN or to the cloud, so that the enterprise machine can keep churning. When services are knocked off, we run to them first to give us estimates on our downtime. When viruses render our PCs inneffective, they get us feeling back to normal, usually without scolding us (because, really, you're not the only one to go visit some of those nefarious sites).

Yes, it's the unofficial day of appreciation for their services all year long. That's right -- it's Systems Administrator Appreciation Day. Have a good one, and thanks for keeping us connected.

Posted by Michael Domingo on 07/29/2011 at 11:59 AM

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