Ortems Announces Scheduling Tool

Ortems Americas Inc. (Lyon, France, today announced Ortems Rel. 6.30 at the APICS International Fall '98 Conference in Nashville, Tenn. Ortems Rel. 6.30 exploits free-form user-defined scheduling criteria in a new way via its Alert Window; as well as providing Web-enabled access and broadcast functionality to support supply chain coordination of rescheduling.

Ortems Alert Window functionality enables users to select a set of strategic scheduling objectives for interactive alarming whenever anyone initiates changes that adversely impact priority objectives. The system proactively flashes alert messages for the scheduler's immediate review.

The Web-enabled access and broadcast functionality is a new feature for supporting rescheduling in an enterprise supply chain environment. The Web-enabled feature permits viewing of summary and supporting schedule detail, and interactive access to view or update the schedule via either Inter- or intranet connection using a Web browser. The advantages are timely access and reduced system overhead cost as a result of using Web browser access on a thin client.

"The strategic importance of timely dissemination is compounded by the fact that there is a direct correlation in the increase in the number of people who must be advised of reprioritization of schedules with the increase in the frequency of rescheduling," says Ed Czupryna, vice president of operations, Ortems Americas. "One client estimates that on a weekly basis, only four people need to be directly informed of changes; but when rescheduling is done daily to support supply chain performance, the number of people that must be notified increases to 23 people."

Ortems Rel. 6.30 also provides enhanced functionality to support last-minute planning changes, such as the merging of work orders.

Ortems Synchronized MRP calculates flow constraints pegging bill-of-materials with routings using dynamic -- not standard -- lead-times, ensuring feasible, executable schedules. Other features include instantaneous net-schedule change for rapid decision support, and Visual Interface Configurator that streamlines integration with enterprise systems. --Brian Ploskina, Assistant Editor

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