Data General Updates AViiON Product Line

Data General Corp. (Westboro, Mass., today pumped up its AViiON Windows NT server line with the introduction of the AV 2200, a new low-end server, and upgrades of the AV 2700 and AV 2700R servers to 450 MHz Intel Pentium II processors. The company also announced that the AV 3700 and AV 3700R are now available with the DG/UX operating system in addition to Windows NT Server.

The new, entry-level AV 2200 is available in a tower package with single or dual 400 MHz Pentium II processors, each with 512 KB cache and can support up to 1 GB of memory. The AV 2200 has five I/O slots: three PCI, one shared PCI/ISA and one ISA slot. Storage includes six internal disks, plus support for up to two CLARiiON SCSI disk arrays, configured in 10-, 20-, or 30-drive bays.

The AViiON AV 2700R server can be rackmounted in "high-density" configurations using up to 12 dual-processor systems. These servers are the platform for Data General's NT Cluster-in-a-Box and TermServer-in-a-Box packages.

The AV 2700R comes with single or dual 450-MHz Intel Pentium II processors, 512 KB of integrated L2 cache per processor, and up to 1 GB of fast 100-MHz memory. The AV 2700R may be configured as a "high-density" server in a 34-, 60-, or 73-inch rackmount cabinet in which up to 12 systems may be installed. A tower version, the AV 2700, is designed for the office.

The AV 2700 rackmount and tower configurations are available immediately for volume shipments with Windows NT Server operating system or Citrix WinFrame Enterprise. TermServer-in-a-Box and NT Cluster-in-a-Box packaging with the AV 2700R are also available now.

The AV 3700 and AV 3700R servers, now available with DG/UX, have up to four 400-MHz Intel Pentium II Xeon processors, each with up to 1 MB L2 cache, and up to 4 GB of memory. Both the tower and the rackmounted version support seven I/O slots, plus three onboard SCSI channels and a video board. The AV 3700R (rackmounted version of the AV 3700) can be configured with up to four servers. Each AV 3700 server can support up to 4.3 Terabytes of CLARiiON full Fibre Channel FC5X00 Series disk arrays. --Brian Ploskina, Assistant Editor

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