Trend Micro Launches Anti-Virus Software

LAS VEGAS – Among the larger issues being discussed at Networld+Interop is security. Security vendor Trend Micro Inc. ( will utilize its Microsoft partnership when it announces the availability of InterScan WebProtect 2.1 and InterScan AppletTrap 1.0 as free 50-user license downloads.

Administrators using Microsoft Proxy Server 2.0 can download the security add-ons from Microsoft’s Proxy Server plug-ins Web site ( By using InterScan WebProtect and InterScan AppletTrap with Microsoft Proxy Server, IT shops using Internet communications technologies will be protecting their network from malicious code.

InterScan WebProtect scans all traffic passing through the Microsoft Proxy Server in real time for viruses and malicious code. Users can configure the software to block out known malicious Java applets and ActiveX objects, as well as unknown software apps from coming into the network.

WebProtect auto-cleans FTP and HTTP virus-infected file transfers and detects and removes known and unknown macro viruses. For new viruses that are released, the software provides automatic updates.

AppletTrap includes three layers of protection to halt dangerous applets that may come through the network. First it uses certificate analysis to ensure the Internet connection established is verified, then it automatically filters out known malicious code. Finally, the software wraps the code as it’s sent to the user. This wrap provides Java-based code behavior analysis that will watch what is happening with the code while the use is interacting with it and then reports if something wrong has happened and even shuts the applet down automatically. By beginning on the network, the AppletTrap requires no client deployment.

Trend Micro reports that the suggested retail price would be $1,500 for this solution. Until August, a trial version for 50 users is available now as a free download. -- Brian Ploskina

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