NetManage Introduces ViewNow Browser Edition

NetManage Inc., a host access provider that recently agreed to acquire Wall Data Inc. (, has announced further enhancements to its ViewNow product line. The new ViewNow server-based solution provides managed access to host systems from Web browsers that are equipped with Microsoft's ActiveX technology. ViewNow Browser Edition for ActiveX delivers host connectivity to PC clients from a Web server over standard Internet connections. Once the software is downloaded through the browser, authorized users can access available Unix, IBM AS/400, and IBM mainframe host systems.

As part of the NetManage eN2000 framework, ViewNow Browser Edition for ActiveX integrates with directory-based management tools to offer systems administrators management and system customization facilities. The latest browser also includes built-in interactive real-time support capabilities.

ViewNow Browser Edition for ActiveX is installed on a Web server and delivered on demand to client workstations. As a result, all software configuration, deployment and version upgrades are handled easily from one location. The eN2000 framework provides users with an easier migration from ViewNow Windows Edition to ViewNow Browser Edition, or alternately allows for the existence of both versions on their networks simultaneously. The remotely accessible user-based configuration management of eN2000 allows system administrators to configure and control ViewNow solutions from any location.

NetManage's SupportNow technology, which enables real time visual support between the end user and help desk, is embedded in ViewNow Browser Edition for ActiveX. NetManage support personnel are able to assist users in an interactive session over the corporate network, extranet or Internet.

ViewNow Browser Edition for ActiveX will be available at the end of November.

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