Should an IT type go to TechEd?

If you've heard that Microsoft TechEd is for developer-types, here's a field report from an IT-type: <i>MCP Magazine</i> Contributing Editor Roberta Bragg.

Orlando, Florida -- Should an IT type go to TechEd? I've heard that many IT professionals have stopped going because it's a '"developer" conference. I've heard that many would rather go to something else, like the Professional Deployment Conference. Of course, a lot of trainers went to the trainers conference held in New Orleans a few months ago and are planning to go the next one in September.

Well, I like TechEd, so I'm here. I enjoy the depth, and different perspective that I get from developer-centric sessions. Besides, there's a lot of people here (14,000 was the official total announced yesterday)--and that represents a lot of great ideas and tales to be heard.

Since my arrival, I've learned that exam 70-216 goes live Thursday. I've heard spiels on how SQL Server 2000, Exchange 2000, Host Integration Server, BizTalk Server, and Commerce Server fit into the Windows 2000/DNA 2000 game plan. And I got to learn about, see, and grab a beta copy of Internet Acceleration and Security Server, a brand new product in beta now that will be out later this year--no official date set yet. Internet Acceleration and Security Server? Yep. A "real" firewall from Microsoft. Is that an anachronism? Time will tell.

And then there's the parties--speaking of which, I'd better stop now. I've got another meeting to get to…

--Roberta Bragg, Contributing Editor

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