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Windows 2000 Datacenter Server provides solid, mission-critical computing — and support — for the largest of environments.

The most power and function you can get from Microsoft just might be in Windows 2000 Datacenter Server — the strongest server operating system we’ve ever offered. Whether you’re an MCP in a corporate-technology department or with a Solution Provider company, the newest Windows operating system may provide the best business investment that your organization — or your customer — can make for mission-critical computing.

Datacenter Server is a fully functional alternative to proprietary Unix solutions, as well as an ideal platform for tomorrow’s .NET applications, which adhere to key standards such as XML.

What makes Datacenter Server ready for the largest environments? The platform features symmetric multiprocessing with up to 32 CPUs per server, failover support with four-node clusters, memory support for 64GB of physical RAM, high-speed interprocess communications for system-area networks, and new tools to manage the allocation of critical server resources.

We hope you’ll buy Datacenter Server — but not from us. Actually, Datacenter Server represents a major change in the way Microsoft does business.

Instead of offering it directly, Datacenter Server is available exclusively from industry partners in the Windows 2000 Datacenter Server Program. The reason? You gain the enterprise-ready, tight integration of hardware and software backed by mission-critical service and support, which makes Datacenter Server a true alternative to Unix-based solutions at the enterprise level.

We developed Datacenter Server to work optimally in high-traffic computer networks — delivering the highest reliability, scalability and serviceability for line-of-business and e-commerce solutions, traditional back-end data center environments, and leading-edge application service providers.

Here are some of the Datacenter Server scenarios you should consider:

Application Service Providers—If you work for or support an ASP, consider Datacenter Server to deliver platform infrastructure, packaged applications, operating software, network management, and customer support.

Dot-coms—Dot-coms can benefit from the ability to scale both up and out to meet dynamic growth and from the ability to meet stringent requirements for availability and uptime, site security, interoperability, and integration.

Line-of-business—All enterprises running LOB applications can benefit from mission-critical reliability and support; the ability to support high transaction volumes; the distribution of business processes, transactions, databases, users, and customers across many sites; and the ability to interface with legacy systems.

Datacenters—“Datacenter” is the middle name of our newest operating system. Users will benefit from the ability to customize, track and report application availability; to support robust, yet flexible and easier, storage solutions; and to scale up, consolidating servers to reduce both technology and personnel costs.

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About the Author

Michel Gambier is Group Product Manager of Enterprise Server Marketing for Microsoft.

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