BindView Singles Out Security Policy

Although viruses and hackers are dramatic threats to security, many security problems result from simple issues with permission settings and account management. BindView Corp. has updated their BV-control product line to offer administrators a single point of control for evaluating security vulnerabilities.

“We’re pulling all this stuff on to a single console,” says Prashanth Viswanath, vice president, product strategy and management. BindView marketed a number of interoperable products for evaluating security vulnerabilities, but RMS bv-Control v7 pulls many of the products together into a single interface.

The new release also offers new reporting capabilities. Like the old releases v7 offers a reporting engine bundled with the software, but the new version integrates with Windows 2000’s MMC console, and offers a web page with drill down functionality.

Viswanath says that the new interface also gives administrators more information for prioritizing management tasks. “It answers the question, ‘How does this affect my system,’” he says. When a vulnerability is detected, the interface gives administrators an idea of how dangerous the vulnerability may be.

BV-control v7 also offers the ability to detect security vulnerabilities in two, often mission-critical, applications. Adminstrators will be able to probe SAP and Exchange servers to ensure that permissions and hotfixes meet best practices for security.

In addition to Windows 2000 management, v7 can detect and monitor permissions on Unix and NetWare platforms, allowing security policy management across a heterogenous enterprise. – Christopher McConnell

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Scott Bekker is editor in chief of Redmond Channel Partner magazine.

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