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Get SUS Out of Your WAN Pipe

Streamline your Software Update Services with a second server.

If you’re still using Software Update Services (SUS) to manage your Windows patch-deployment, you may have run into some disadvantages about how it works with remote users. Typically, a corporate environment will store updates on its SUS server so that network users don’t have to utilize WAN bandwidth to retrieve updates.

For telecommuters and other remote users, though, the scenario winds up looking like this: SUS uses the WAN to download updates from Microsoft; remote users use the WAN to pull the updates from SUS. Double WAN whammy.

An easy fix is to deploy a second SUS server (this isn’t necessary if you’re using the newer version named WUS, or MUS, or whatever) for remote users. Hopefully, you’ll be able to place these folks in their own organizational unit (OU) so you can use a GPO to target them to the second SUS server; this works best with telecommuters who are always remote. Configure this second SUS server to store updates at Microsoft; what’ll happen is that the SUS server will tell the telecommuters which updates to install (those you’ve authorized, of course), and the telecommuters will go directly to Microsoft’s servers for the actual download, preserving your precious WAN pipe.

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