Big Sky IT: Elise Crull, Missoula, Mont.

A closeup from the 2008 Redmond/ Salary Survey.

I view my job as a chance to make a difference in the daily lives of my users.

At the Missoula City-County Health Department, I try to make each day different from the previous one. It isn't hard. The beauty of my job is that problems change daily and the work is never boring. It's frequently stressful because my users-who are trying to make our city and county a healthier place-want more every day: more file space, more e-mail, more capabilities to do their job well by using new software.

I research new solutions and try to find economical answers, all the while trying to keep ahead and be proactive. People thank me every day for small fixes and that's its own special reward. I'm happy with what I do and lucky to be doing it. Big Sky IT: Elise Crull, Missoula, Mont.
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