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Pop Quiz: Windows Server 2012: Upgrading Domain Controllers

Applies to the "Install and Administer Active Directory" objective of Exam 70-410.

Q: A company's server deployment team needs to introduce many new Windows Server 2012 domain controllers throughout the network into a single Windows Server 2008 R2 domain. The team has chosen to use Windows PowerShell.

Which Windows PowerShell module includes the command-line options for installing domain controllers?

  1. AD DS Administration cmdlets
  2. AD DS Deployment cmdlets
  3. AD CS Deployment cmdlets
  4. AD DS Administration cmdlets

Answer and explanation are below.

Answer is B: First use the Import-Module ADDSDeployment command in PowerShell--it includes the cmdlets needed to add new domain controllers. Then run Install-ADDSDomainController along with the required arguments.

Quick Tip: DCPromo.exe has been deprecated but can still be used along with an answer file, and ADPrep.exe runs automatically when needed (but can be run with elevated rights for more control).


Bonus Question: Which option is used in the GPMC to create the storage location for Starter GPOs? (The answer, of course, will be revealed next time!)

Answer to bonus question from last time: The Active Directory Administrative Center (ADAC) tool can be used to locate inactive accounts, expired passwords, locked accounts and so on..


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