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Firefox Gains on IE

Firefox will reach a milestone soon, if trends are any indication. Right now, the browser sits at a bit over 24 percent share of the browser market, according to Net Application, (by way of this ars technica blog). The share is significant, as that exceeds IE6 users. Six wasn't known for its quality, so it should be no surprise that its rank has slipped. It might even be good news to Microsoft that fewer people are using that version.

I haven't used Firefox in quite some time, after having switched to Chrome (market share: 3.58 percent) for its overall performance (Firefox was just as sluggish as IE at times and Chrome seemed like it had been on a bit diet, installing and loading up superfast). But being a Chrome user means I'm a de facto IE 7 user -- there are some Web sites that won't cooperate with Chrome and Flash inexplicably crashes in it. (So, I sound like a broken record.) And when I and 50 other people upgraded to Vista, it made no sense to go back.

If you go back to the ars Technica post, you'll notice the site publishes its own survey. Firefox dominates. Which one seems more realistic, based on your educated guess?

Posted by Michael Domingo on 11/05/2009 at 11:59 AM

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