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Google Does No Evil; Microsoft Stays Put

Google slid its "don't be evil" motto under the rug some time last year, but it seems to be a philosophy that the company continues to live by, if its actions in China are any indication.

For months, Google had been censoring search results on its Chinese portal as it contemplated how not to be evil in this regard. But then last week, Google stopped censoring searches at its Hong Kong portal. Chinese officials may try to block searches there, and pundits believe Microsoft may benefit as it said it would continue to filter searches to its Chinese portal. Interestingly, Alexa's rankings of the top sites in China put Google at No. 4, Microsoft Live at 20, and Bing at 60 (of search engines originating in China, Baidu tops all, with Sina.com at 3 and Sohu at 9).

Is it our place to tell China how to run businesses there, or is Google right to do something here? What about Microsoft? Should they stay the course or should it unite forces with Google?

Posted by Michael Domingo on 03/29/2010 at 11:59 AM

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