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Microsoft Would Rather Place Dead Last on This List

Microsoft topped a recent survey of great places to work. But it also tops another list it probably would rather have nothing to do with: Most Hate Software Vendor.

I honestly don't understand consumer ire against the company. Products and the hardware partners who supply the boxes that Microsoft's software resides in are relatively inexpensive. So, for the sheer number of boxes out there with Windows on them, there's bound to be hundreds of thousands of complaints. (Top that off that you often don't hear from the many millions more who love or at least find their products mildly tolerable). I don't expect perfection, and there are times I curse and groan because of malware or Flash crash, but I still manage to get lots of work done. And even though Microsoft encourage upgrades to the newest thing, I'm still able to ply away on my laptop sporting XP safely because they've been supporting it for much longer than they really should have. And this laptop is on the Windows 7 compatibililty list, so I don't expect too many obstacles when I eventually upgrade. I could go on....

Microsoft's placement on this list is undeserved: agree or disagree here.

Posted by Michael Domingo on 12/01/2011 at 11:59 AM

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