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Report: IT Salaries Edging Upward

Salaries for CIOs, middle managers and staff were generally higher this year compared with 2009, according to the "Mid-Year 2010 IT Salary Survey" by Janco Associates. The one exception was compensation for IT executives at midsize enterprises, where the study found a slight softening trend.

IT executives at large enterprises had a mean compensation, including bonuses, of $143,378 this year, representing a slight increase over the $142,753 found in last year's survey (June 2009), according to the report. At midsize enterprises, IT executives took a slight nick. Their mean compensation was $125,079, down from $126,031 last year.

Victor Janulaitis, Janco's CEO, said in a released statement that midsize enterprises are "much more cautious and concerned that the recovery will not be strong enough to support increased IT spending."

Middle managers and staff had higher salaries than last year, in both large enterprises and midsize enterprises, according to the study. The median salary in large enterprises for middle managers was $79,924 (vs. $79,230); for staff, the median salary was $66,230 (vs. $65,965). At midsize enterprises, the median salary was $73,217 (vs. $72,444) for middle managers and $61,047 (vs. $60,279) for staff.

The study noted that many midsize enterprises are still not hiring. Hiring for new positions has been flat "over several quarters." Layoffs have tended to focus on middle management and staff, rather than executives.

Still, the study takes a generally positive view today, especially compared with the economic downturn of late 2008. Compensation for IT professionals took a hit then from several factors, such as increased outsourcing, hiring freezes, salary caps, layoffs and even company closures.

The study listed multiple IT positions that may be less in demand today, or at higher risk of layoffs and outsourcing. Notable mentions at the large enterprise level include: manager of applications development, computer operations shift manager, supervisor of PC support and webmaster. At the midsize enterprise level, these jobs were considered less secure: director of IT planning, data warehouse manager, computer operations shift manager and network services administrator. A full list is provided in the study.

Janco Associates surveyed firms in the United States and Canada for the study. Respondents included 23,676 large companies and 27,782 midsize companies.

The study defined large and midsize companies as follows: "Large companies are companies whose gross revenues are equal to or greater than $500 MM. Mid-sized companies are companies whose gross revenues are less than $500 MM."

About the Author

Kurt Mackie is online news editor for the 1105 Enterprise Computing Group.

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Mon, Feb 24, 2014

Thank you all for posting. I have never coiaplmned about a company in my life. I am so troubled that I must speak, and am sorry but relieved that I am not the only one outraged. I have used Verizon ever since cell phones were. I figure I have spent over 10,000 with them. Recently I moved to New Mexico from NY, and had to obtain wireless services. I did so through Verizon, but there were complications, admitted by them, that they could not figure out or correct. Therefore, the service did not work ever. But I had to go back and cancel service which never worked, and have to pay an early termination fee! For breaking a contract. But the reality is the contract is null and void if the service does not work! I have spent days of time and effort to correct it, spoke to countless reps all the way up the line. I will need to pay hundreds to discontinue that contract, and will discontinue phone service as I can not abide by their practices, and will have to pay more, because they are a terrible company. The most disturbing part, is that every human being I spoke with, I pleaded with Tell me if what I am saying is incorrect, or wrong. I never get an answer, just a drone response as if I was speaking with zombies. Logic does not work, they look down at their cue cards and tell you they understand your perspective. But refuse to do anything different. I have never coiaplmned about a company in my life, but this has bowled me over and the reality that they can continue to be so horrific because no one stands up and says how absolutely soul sucking crazy it all is. I have spoken to others in just 24 hours, who are going to discontinue services even though they have to pay. Already their mistreatment of my situation has cost them hundreds of thousands, as my associates have spent what I have and would continue if it were not for their commitment to speaking out against this treatment. The problem is that this company gets away with this because people do not stand up. They made a terrible error with this person, because I have made it a personal mission to expose their practices. I feel sorry for anyone working for them, and hope they wake up to the fact that they are being dehumanized.Posted on Sat, 09/29/12 - 01:58 pm Reply

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