Quest Updates DM/Active Roles

One of the first vendors to ship a tool for managing the Active Directory now has moved on to the second generation of the product.

Quest Software this week previewed its FastLane DM/ActiveRoles 3.0, which will be available in April. The product targets enterprises deploying Active Directory to more than 5,000 seats.

“It’s really taking it from a security-focused product in version 2.0 to an administrative-focused product in version 3.0,” says Quest’s Keith Millar, director of product management for Microsoft solutions.

The first packaged version of the product, 2.0 released in September, focused on a technology called ActiveRoles. With ActiveRoles, Quest (then FastLane) allowed administrators to set permissions for users based on the roles they play in the organization.

The approach gives administrators a way to interact with the computer-oriented Active Directory from a business perspective.

Version 3.0 takes the idea a little further with the introduction of Business Views and Business Rules.

Business Views let an administrator look at and modify users who meet a certain criteria across Organizational Units (OUs) in the Active Directory. For example, an administrator in an organization with geographic OUs could manage and modify the marketing users from all the OUs.

The Business Rules feature in DM/ActiveRoles 3.0 can be used to automate aspects of the creation of Active Directory objects and to ensure consist entries. For example, e-mail addresses could be automatically generated from a new employee’s name based on a corporate standard, such as last [email protected].

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For more detail on ActiveRoles, see ENT’s coverage of the 2.0 launch:

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