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Active Directory Design Best Practices

Why mess with the default AD structure? Better security and organization are two reasons. Let's take a closer look.

15th Annual IT Salary Survey: Good Times Ahead?

In the 15th year of Redmond magazine's annual salary survey, IT salaries generally remained flat, but some respondents got raises -- giving rise to general optimism about salaries next year.

Green IT: Going Green -- Does Your Company Care?

Take a good look at your organizations’ priorities and policies, and you may discover you’re going green just by trying to save some green.

Green IT: Is Greener Always Better?

The green trap is real. Going green with your IT environment requires a clear set of goals, target metrics and execution.

Locating Documents in a SharePoint Library

Irrelevant SharePoint search results and lost documents can turn into a waste of time and money, but a few simple steps will help IT pros avoid these problems.

Top 7 Windows Phone 7 Highlights from MIX10

From a scaled-down Office client to the much larger role of Silverlight, here are seven things about Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 preview that stood out at last week's conference.

Cryptographers Warn About Security Dangers in the Cloud at RSA

Researcher says read the fine print before connecting to the cloud.

Microsoft's Resident Psychometrician: Part 2

In the second part of this Q&A, Microsoft Learning Group's Liberty Munson explains some of the challenges in developing the developer-related exams, and what strides Microsoft has done to combat exam piracy.

Microsoft's Resident Psychometrician

The Microsoft Learning Group's exam maven, Liberty Munson, offers some insights into exam development, piracy, and the innovations that come from asking the right questions.

Windows 7: Already Here

Microsoft's new OS made its debut today, but readers have had it installed and tested. Here's what they think.

Virtual Server Permissions: Getting Granular

Here's a way to delegate varying levels of server permissions with Microsoft's Virtual Server.

The SharePoint Upgrade Trap

SharePoint 2007 migrations are simple enough, but beware of hidden dangers. Here's a look at some of the more common upgrade and migration problems.

Making the Move to SQL Server 2008

Thinking of migrating to SQL Server 2008? Here are some features that might just push you to do it.

The 2008 Readers' Choice Awards: Introducing Redmond's Triple Crown

To recognize the dynasties in our annual Readers' Choice competition, <i>Redmond</i> is introducing the "Triple Crown," a new award for products that have won (at least) three Readers' Choice honors in a row.

Google Android Flaw Reopens Open Source Security Debate

A security flaw in Google's new Android operating system discovered recently by independent researchers further underscores the security debate between open source and proprietary software.

Spam Attacks on the Rise in Q3

Identity thieves and hackers appear to be coming at Windows users from all fronts, most commonly with spam. They were particularly active during the third quarter of 2008, when they did it eight times more frequently than in the previous quarter, according to a report released Monday by Sophos.

Survey: IT Hiring and Pay Still Up, But Employers 'Cautious'

With the U.S. economy still circling and unemployment on the rise, it's a good time to be in IT -- relatively speaking.

With Reporting Services, Microsoft Slowly but Surely Pushes into the Enterprise

An updated Reporting Services may finally be worth considering.

TechMentor 2008 Preview: The New Group Policy Preferences

Derek Melber shows how you can eliminate logon scripts, become more secure and even save money with the new Group Policy Preferences in Vista and Windows Server 2008.

Trustworthy Computing: Examining Trust

Microsoft's Trustworthy Academic Advisory Board has been keeping tabs on security issues -- external as well as internal -- that continue to challenge Microsoft's developers. Here's a peek into the board, which marks five years on watch.

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