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Exchange Servers: Highly Available and Happy

With Service Pack 1 out, admins should know that there are a few tricks to updating clustered Exchange 2007 servers the right way. Here's a guide.

On The Server Side of Terminal Services

Windows Server 2008 is just a month away and one can't-miss feature is Terminal Services. In this second of three parts, a look at Server Manager.

Above the Rest: Windows 2008's Terminal Services Client

One shining gem you can't ignore in the new Windows Server 2008 OS -- one which might compel you to upgrade -- is the implementation of Terminal Services.

Hire Learning

With a huge drop in computer science grads, what will the future workforce look like?

IBM Plans Major Security Initiative

IBM Corp. plans to announce Thursday that it will boost what it spends developing computer security products to $1.5 billion in 2008, reflecting an intensifying focus for the company.

Vertical Markets: Prescription for Profit

The health-care industry is finally ready for a major IT upgrade, and for partners with the right solutions the prognosis is excellent indeed.

Salary Survey: IT Workers Continue To Flourish

IT workers continue to ride a strong wave of increasing experience to a third straight year of high earnings, according to <i>Redmond</i> magazine's 12th annual Salary Survey.

Redmond's 12th Annual IT Salary Survey: Break out the Bubbly

Did your IT earnings get kicked up a notch this year? Redmond magazine's 2007 IT Salary Survey reveals that salaries, raises and bonuses went up for the third year in a row.

Microsoft and Open Source: Friends or Foes?

Whether it involves choice or price, freedom isn't free. This is especially true in the realm of computer software licensing, where the question isn't if one has to pay for program use and development but rather how, to whom and when.

A Step Beyond Exchange Management Shell Primer

Messaging administrators can get a handle on their Exchange 2007 servers by speaking the language of the Exchange Management Shell. Here's a guide.

The Windows Vista Resource Guide

Here's a quick, handy guide to some important resources for working with Microsoft's newest operating system.

Virtualization, The Implementation

Getting your virtualization effort is more than just flipping manual pages and following the steps. Here's how to get from P to V in no time.

Contenders in Virtualization

You've given your servers and desktops a thorough look prior to virtualizing them. It's time to check out a few of the solutions -- separating hype from fact.

Assessing Your Virtual Fitness

Ready to commit to a virtualized environment? Take a step back and use this quick guide -- and PerfMon -- to help you identify your current environment's strengths and weaknesses. (First in a series)

Exchange Outside The Lines

Inexpensive, always on, someone else's management headache, (almost) spam-free inboxes -- having your messaging server hosted has its benefits. But choose your host wisely.

Storage Strategies for a New Exchange

How storage needs have changed in Exchange Server 2007

Scripting Basics for Virtual Server 2005 R2, Part 2

You know how to create them, now here's how to interact with these VMs that you created with your scripting magic.

Under Secure Control

Windows Vista is a safer OS for users due to its many new features, including one that you as an admin should look at more closely: The User Account Control.

Top 10 Myths of SAN Storage

Expensive, proprietary, beneficial only to enterprises -- just a few of the myths that should no longer be associated with SAN storage.

Scripting Basics for Virtual Server 2005 R2

Simplify administration of your virtual machines through scripting.

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