Weekly quickTIP

Encore Performance

How to get PerfMon to do what you need from the command line.

Stop! Thief!

You're face-to-face with a computer criminal. Now what? Some advice from Microsoft in a nifty guide.

The Rules of Transactions

Does life take Visa, or any credit card, for that matter? Then your network needs some pretty good security.

Who Moved Shutdown?

Some of us get teary-eyed for the good old days of XP and its Power button.

More on Hacking WEI

Improve your score and get access to all the Vista goodies.

Bundle Those Logs with Relog

You're using Perfmon and now you've got logs up the you-know-what. Use the relog tool to tame them.

Paging Mr. PerfMon

Establish a baseline for performance easily and you'll know just how slow is slow.

IE Didn't Make the (Desktop) Cut

Here's one small change among 800 in the Windows OS that you might want back.

Where, Oh Where Has My Little Telnet Gone?

Vista kind of hides this cool little utility that can be used for quickly peeking over a firewall or other security tricks.

Another RDP Hack

If you're gonna try my RDP hack in Vista, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Hacking RDP

Need quick access to your files remotely? Herewith, an alternative to buying something.

Clippy's Return?

No, not quite like the good old days.

Is Complete PC Restore Incomplete?

Plus: finding your inner hacker

Vista Restore of NTBackup

Need backups from systems older than Vista? You can go back again.

Picking Proper Product Keys

"Change product key" -- the feature is hiding in plain sight.

SharePoint Watch

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